Original Title, ENCONTRO SILENCIOSO, fiction, 1h23, color, DCP.

Best Portuguese Feature @ INDIELISBOA
New Directors selection @ SAO PAULO IFF

Bound by a silent pact, five students make a secret trip to the country for what seems to be an initiation ceremony. In threatening landscapes and abandoned ruins, they submit to the strange rituals of their leader, the Dux.

Direction and Screenplay: Miguel Clara Vasconcelos
Cinematography: Sarah Cunningham
Music: The Legendary Tigerman
Sound: Tiago Raposinho, Pedro Góis
Editing: Tomás Baltazar
Cast: Ágata Pinho, Alexander David, Isabel Costa
Producers: Isabel Machado, Joana Ferreira
Production: C.R.I.M.
Country: Portugal
Year: 2017