Boxing File - trailer

Original Title, DOCUMENTO BOXE , documentary, 53’, color, BetaCam/HDCam

Five situations that directly influence the career of the professional boxer Jorge Pina. You get to meet Mário, an amateur pugilist, Casteli the president of the boxing association, Vítor the trainer, Jorge Pina himself and Magalhães the manager. You watch the preparation in the dressing room, the weighting of the athletes, the gathering, the training, the gymnasiums and all elements that circle a not very honest fight.

Direction and Script: Miguel Clara Vasconcelos
Cinematography: Sérgio Brás d’Almeida
Sound: Nuno Morão
Editing: Cláudia Silvestre
Cast: Sheylla Barros
Producer: Miguel Clara Vasconcelos
Production: Associação Cultural Teatro NãO
Country: Portugal - spain
Year: 2005